Sunday, May 9, 2010

This weekend was the CABA Classic alpaca show.  It is sponsored by our breeders group, the Columbia Alpaca Breeders Association..  Friday was consumed with checking in and setting up with the halter show starting Saturday morning.  It is always fun to see friends and fellow breeders and catch up.  Anticipation is high to see how your animals will do.  Our grandson's alpaca Lady Violet did very well, and our little Butterscotch Dream shows promise.  Then there was the other one.  The " what were we thinking when we signed her up " one.  This offspring of a champion was a humiliating disappointment in the ring.  And after being kicked, spat upon and stomped on I was wondering how long does it really take to barbecue a 125 lb alpaca?  Just kidding, just kidding!  We don't eat them. 

So much drama packed into two long days.
The alpaca show was held in the Expo Center.  There were hundreds of animals, bright lights, three rings of judging simultaneously and lots of cold air! When it was all over this afternoon I came home to my dark and quiet barn, and to my llamas.  Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy will never be in the show ring.  Their existence is not justified by anyone's opinion of their conformation or the fineness of their fleece.  They are guard animals, hiking companions and quiet confidants.  I hug their  huge soft necks and feed them grain and that is enough. They are perfection!